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They usually just retweet when people talk about their amazing tacos, but they retweeted and favorited this today. #EmbarassmentIsReal

If you see me crying at school today, it’s because of this. SOMEONE PINCH ME BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOODNESS I’M DREAMING. Couldn’t wish for a better last concert in LA before I go to NY. Especially at The Forum of all places. #FuckYeah

I publicly promise that these tickets WILL BE MINE. Nothing will refuse me my right to dance.

too cute.

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I wish this was 8 minutes long instead of a minute, but I just replay it 8 times instead.

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All I want is for this album to come out already.

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I dig this so very much. Lots of radiant joy and happiness.

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I miss Broken Social Scene.

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I think we should all just take a moment to appreciate Captain America 2’s End Credits sequence. Felt like a contemporary take on a Saul Bass esque style.

Cooked myself dinner.

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS. #ZedsDead #Ezekiel25:17 #BadMotherfucker #HoneyBunny #ItHelpsWithTheFelatio #FootMassage

This is still easily one of my favorite things ever. #CantBelieveIOwnThisBook

The Great Gambino. #DonaldGlover #NoRelation

I love you Kogi truck.

Nights like this put everything into perspective. I really needed this night, girls. Thank you so damn much, from the bottom of my heart.

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